gnomedia codeworks

Here at gnomedia we’ve been writing code for a looong time.

Occasionally I find time to write about things or make notes about how I do things. Partly to remind myself.
Many more posts are started as actually find themselves here.

These posts go way back and most of the older ones are, like, totally out of date. Really!

This site

is built with Hexo, a Javascript based static page generator. The theme is currently Cactus, that could change randomly as I play around with the system.

Earlier versions of the site were based on Wordpress, an excellent system, but I felt like making life simpler and static pages are much, much, simpler…

The old Wordpress posts were migrated over to the Hexo system (hexo migrate wordpress) and the new source Markup files were tidied up. Very straight forward.

The site is deployed very easily with hexo deploy -g and up it goes. I could also deploy from git, Heroku, rsync and so on.

New writings and coding done with Neovim and Markup.