Ubuntu on a Lenovo ThinkServer - NOT!

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I’ve spent a frustrating day trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 on a Lenovo ThinkServer TS130 with RAID. I was trying to install using software RAID and so far I’ve run about 10 installations, with no luck. Installation works fine, Ubuntu is very happy, all the checkboxes ticked until it says installation is over, time to reboot. And then on reboot the BIOS gives me an “Error 1926: no operating system found” or similar. Searches on the ‘net gives some clues that it is something to do with Lenovo having a buggy EFI implementation and Ubuntu not working well with GBT , but there is nothing definite.

So, eventually, I gave up, downloaded CentOS 6.2, ran a new install and we’re up and running, with updates, in short order.

These notes are for those of you searching for the same issues as I was and finding a shortage of information.