Dovecot V1.0 released.

I don’t usually cover software releases on the blog, but some software is so good and well made that when it reaches a final release stage I can’t help shouting YaHoo and cracking a bottle of champers!
Timo Sirainen has been working on Dovecot for nearly five years and has taken a perfectionist attitude towards the way it works. He’s spent the last six months refusing to release a final version and we’ve all watched as the release candidate numbering has crept up to hit rc23. A couple of weeks ago he chose Friday 13th to do the final release, and it has happened.

I’ve been using Dovecot pre-releases on a couple of servers and they work really well. I’ve got them set up with Postfix handling the SMTP traffic, handing it off to Dovecot Deliver for the local mail delivery and then Dovecot itself handles IMAP and POP connections, with the full range of needed authentication protocols. It even has Sieve as an available module for filtering emails at delivery.

I won’t go on too much about it, but it is definitely a rock solid, high performance piece of software and I would recommend it for production use.

Dovecot is availble from the Dovecot site and I suspect over the next weeks then packages will be made available for the various distributions. The Dovecot Wiki has lots of useful information for installing, upgrading or transferring from another system.